Friday, May 29, 2015


Chris Rand, (Wiki.)
Louis Shalako

I’m as nervous as you are

But one of us has to start.

We’ll both have to work at it

But this really isn’t hard.

You’re probably asking yourself

Who is this person?

This big strong voice

Coming in from across the sky.

And why are you bothering me?

The trouble is that you can feel it.

You can feel it too—

I can see you out there...

You can't lie to me.

But then I can't lie to you.

Our hearts are now transparent.

One thing leads to another.

The only question is who.

This is what I see.

This is who you are to me.

You are the lady of mystery.

You are the lady of the lake.

I think of you as Aurora.

Because your other name is fake.

You are my fairy princess.

You are my every hope’s desire.

At one time I might have promised you much.

But now we both know better.

We have too much wisdom.

We've seen one too many things.

All I need is a vision of you to sustain me.

It will have to be enough.

There are dragons here.

I’ve got a blade and I’ve got a bow.

I’ve got a quiver full of cloth-yard arrows.

If it wasn’t for me,

Someone else would have to go.

Most of them are better men than I.

They’ve got wives and kids and mothers back home.

Some of those men volunteered too.

The trouble is, they’re not very good at what I do.

I may never be able to go back home.

It’s a long journey, after all.

But if I ever do,

I would like to think there’s someone there waiting for me.

Someone very much like you.


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