Thursday, March 20, 2014

Angst. Rubbed Raw, Ya'aw.

Canadian Film Centre. (Wiki.)

Louis Shalako


To be read in a kind of Chris Tucker/Fifth Element Kind of Voice

Other than that, really, it's quite all right.


There’s been just a whole lot of sturm und drang around here lately, Baby.

Oh, yeah

All kinds of angst.

It’s like some kind of God-damned (Gotterdamerung? – ed.)


Some kind of God-damned funeral pyre, a flaming blaze of glory.

Gesundheit, by the way.

(What? – ed.)

Never mind.

Anyhow, it really is a freakin’ soap opera ‘round here sometimes, Baby.

Soft soap, hard soap, soft shoes, the old Soupie Shuffle, whatever turns your crank, lady.


We be doing the Charleston, Baby.

Nose to nose

And eyeball to eyeball

Tender flesh

Rubbed raw.

All night, ya’aw?

Like dat, you know?

Got the time?

We go.

It’s just a little party on the floor

Only it gets worse from there.

‘Cause you got you a sweet little ‘magination there Baby, and it’s connected to the rest of ya


That’s all right.

Don’t worry ‘bout nuffin’

We is just gonna mind-meld for a while.

And then maybe you can tell me—

If you think it’s going to be all right.


Chris Tucker in Fifth Element. (Clip.)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Inky Cloak of Blackness.

The inky cloak of blackness prevails

The terrors of the night unfold

The pillows mashed, the covers rolled

It never fails—

They gnash their teeth and scream and yell

Evil laughs for evil is bold

Evil is as evil does, and as it dares

And so ever rarely does evil fare thee well

And in the dim red eyes of the darkness

In existence since times before old

There is a word, a message, a glance,

A stare, a look; such an intimate dance.

It was long ago, when our hearts went cold

And long, long ago, did they foretell

The message is lost now, and no one cares

But it is this, and I say it unto you.

The likes of you—and your kind—can all go straight to hell.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's All in How You See the World

Otgonbayer Ersuu. (Wiki.)

I look back into the past and think and nod

Things remembered and things forgot

I shake my head and shrug my shoulders

All of that is gone

In all of the questions

In all of the events

All of those faces

All of those places and all of those times

Only one thing remains the same

That would be me, who I am and who I was

It is the basis for all of my terms of reference

But I still can’t tell you what I don’t know

I don’t even really remember all that much of it

I need some thing or some one, to remind me

In the future I will try to be a little more observant

It might be wise not to ask too many questions

And there are some things I will never figure out

But when it comes down—and sooner or later, it always does come down—

Then who is who

And who is what

What is true

And what is not

What is useless

And what you really need—


That’s really all up to you, baby.

I guess it’s all in how you see the world.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Heads Didn't Explode, Eh?

Our heads didn't explode, right? Eh?

2013 was a profound learning experience.

And that’s okay, because knowledge is power, power is money,

And money is sex.

It’s not what you got,

But how you use it.

Money talks,

Bullshit walks,

And action speaks louder than words

I can't even tell you what love is

I lose my objectivity, and it happens fast.

You'll have to figure that out for yourself

We all got our wish list

Of shit we got to do

Yeah, before our time runs out.

More than anything

I want to have some fun—and so we do.

Now this is really living.

I hope you brought enough for the rest of the class.

Share what you got,

Look after your friends

And if they sort of tolerate you, well, that’s half the battle.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

I’m only going to say this once so I’ll just spit it out.

We’re wishing you and yours,

All the best from Louis Shalako (…and other staff members as well. – ed.)

To you and yours in 2014.

Live long and prosper.

And remember to take a day off once in a while.

2013 had its moments, 2014 will too

What the fuck, eh.

At least our heads didn’t explode.

Written by Louis Shalako